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●Chemicals: Cathode materials for Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

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What is NCA Cathode Material

NCA Cathode Material (Nickel-based Cathode Material) : LiNiCoAlO2
The features are "High capacity and High specific energy" in comparison to Lithium cobalt oxide(LCO) and ternary system of Ni-Co-Mn(NCM), Iron phosphate lithium(LFP).
In recent years, even higher capacity Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery (LIB) is required, so NCA Cathode Material is attracting attention.

Applications of NCA Cathode Material: Laptop, tablets, smartphone, digital camera, game device, power tool, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, and so on.

Capacity comparison of typical cathode materials.

History of Nikkasan's Cathode Materials development

 Development of our rechargeable battery materials has started from Nickel compound for Ni-Cd battery.
 Then, the demand for even smaller and higher capacity rechargeable battery increased. In order to meet the needs, we have expanded to the development and supply of "Nickel compounds for Ni-MH battery", furthermore "Cathode Materials for LIB".
 In this way, we are accumulating unique technology and know-how for the research and development of Cathode Materials.
 We will be continuing our research and development and of innovative Cathode Materials.

NCA Cathode Material with High capacity and High output
NCA Cathode Material with High capacity and Reduced slurry gelation

1. High Capacity and High Specific Energy

Achievement of capacity improvement (compared with our usual products).

Possible to design batteries with high capacity!!

Achieved 53% higher output (compared with other cathode materials).

More powerful cell design is possible!!


2. Reduced slurry gelation 

The gelation at the time of electrode slurry preparation which was a problem of NCA Cathode Material is restrained due to the improvement of Cathode Material production technology.

Easy to handle! Reduction of burden!


3. Strict quality management

Contamination countermeasure at every turn.
Inter-process inspection and traceability.

Safe and stable battery manufacture is possible!

Evaluation of batteries with NCA Cathode Material

(1 Ah-class laminated cell)

After battery test, the laminated cell did not swell due to gas generation.


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