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Be best for removal of seed leyer (Ni-Cr) of Metharise 2 layer CCL

With the in miniaturization electronics devise, progress to high-density technology and be indispesable in the development of insulation between circuit wiring. FLICKER can remove remained seed (Ni-Cr) layer selectively without violation circuit wirings.


Removing seed layer (Ni-Cr) of Metharise 2 layer CCL


• Possible to use for both Subtractive method and Semiadditive one.
• Removing seed layer selectively without violations circuit wirings
• Easy controlling
• Superior to stability

Process conditions

Treatment temp. 45~60℃

※ Need adjustment about Treatment temp./time depending on Seed thickness or Base resin type

Treatment time 30~120 sec
Treatment method Dipping or spraying

Example to use

• Subtractive method - Please use it after Cu etching by FeCl or CuCl
• Subtractive method - Please use it after formed Cu wiring and removed Resist or Flush Etching.

Effect of NiCr sputtered seed layer by subtractive method

Use FLICKER for TEG which made by FeCl(CuCl). And then, did Ni plating. It can see Etching residue on seedlayer by deposition status.

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