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Bringing the World New Applications for Metals


Nikkasan's products cover a broad range of applications, so we have restructured our research group into six technological fields and are researching the mechan'sms of funct'ons that meet customer needs and innovative process technologies. We are also focusing our efforts on combining the unique functions and properties of inorganic and organic compounds, and developing products that support our customers' product competitiveness, technical capabilities and profitability.

With technological innovation growing faster every year, we are also promoting speedy commercialization of products through our research and development system that integrates every step, from gathering of customer information to mass production of new products.

Recently, we have been undertaking the development of various functional products to support the leading- edge technologies of the electronics and automobile industries, as well as the development of lead, chromeless and chromium 6 substitute plating agents that address environmental concerns, environmentally friendly eco-dryers, resin hardening catalysts, and resource recycling technologies.

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