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Coexisting with Metals Leads the way to the Future

Ever since its founding, the Nikkasan Group has ensured its ability to grow by developing high-quality, high-value-added products that meet customer needs, building new businesses and achieving solid results in those businesses. We focus on two businesses: Chemicals, primarily organic and inorganic metals, and Building Materials, primarily metal products. In addition, based on our philosophy that a company is a public institution, we maintain a fundamental commitment to transparent and trustworthy management in order to meet the expectations of shareholders, business partners, employees and communities, and develop together with them. Along with economic globalization, the intensity of competition among companies has increased, and the business environment is changing at a dizzying pace. To enhance its reputation and presence in global markets, the Nikkasan Group must contribute to society by taking advantage of the Group's excellent and original technologies to promote new product development, new value creation and harmony with the environment. In addition, we are moving to further increase the Nikkasan Group's corporate value by enhancing the technological, sales and management capabilities of the entire Group to create a robust business structure and strong profitability, and increase our growth potential.

Eiji Yanagisawa

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