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August 1939

Jiro and Saburo Yanagisawa established Yanagisawa Organic Chemical Industry in Tokyo

April 1946

Yanagisawa purchased Towa Kagaku Industry Co., Ltd. (established in 1924) as a sales subsidiary and changed the company name to Nihon Kagaku Sangyo Co., Ltd.

January 1948

Yanagisawa Organic Chemical Industry merged into Nihon Kagaku Sangyo Co., Ltd.

July 1951

Began manufacturing chemicals for printing ink, drying agents for paints and catalysts for organic synthesis

June 1952

Established Osaka Branch, the Company's first expansion into western Japan

December 1956

Established Nagoya Sales Office

October 1960

Built factory in Soka, Saitama (Saitama Piant)

October 1961

Shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section

July 1963

Increased capital to ¥300 million; began molding and surface treatment of aluminum spandrel at Saitama Plant

October 1963

Nagoya, Sales Office became Nagoya Branch; sales offices increased in the Chukyo and Tokai areas

January 1967

Built Aoyagi Plant for aluminum molding in Soka, Saitama

July 1968

Increased capital to ¥450 million; construction of new head office and factories

June 1970

Rebuilt Aoyagi Plant for production of shutters

December 1970

Increased capital to ¥700 million; rise in production of shutters

December 1977

Built factory in Hironomachi, Fukushima (Fukushima Plant)

April 1980

Increased capital to ¥940 million

April 1981

Increased capital to ¥1,034 million

March 1991

Built factory in Otonemachi, Saitama (Otone Plant)

August 1998

Chemicals Production Division acquired ISO 9002 covering all its products

April 1999

Thai subsidiary NEXAS ELECHEMIC Co., Ltd. established

October 1999

Capital investment in Philippine company Pacific Rare Metal Industries, Inc.

October 1999

Building Materials Division acquired ISO 9002 certification for its housing materials

May 2000

Saitama, Otone and Fukushima plants acquired ISO 14001 certification

June 2000

Thai subsidiary SIAM NKS Co., Ltd. established

November 2000

Building Materials Division acquired ISO 9001 certification

November 2001

Aoyagi plant acquired ISO 14000 certification

January 2002

Capital investment in Pacific Rare Speciaity Metals and Chemicals, Inc., an affiliated company in the Philippines

December 2004

Obtained IS09001 certification for Chemicals BusinessDivision's General R & D Laboratory

March 2011

Built factory in Narahamachi, Futabagun, Fukushima
(Fukushima Plant No.2)

December 2014

Hanoi representative office was established in Vietnam.

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